Strength to love,
Strength to love,
honor, & care

One family walks through
the dark valley of PTSD
toward hope and love.

Online Bible Study
Online Bible Study
Interactive Faith

Join us every Wednesday
in September for “God’s Grace
to Runaways – The Book of Jonah.”

Lives Prepared
Lives Prepared
For Service

Luther Preparatory School is
celebrating 150 years of
educating called workers.

His Word

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Hymn of the Week

O Lord, let this your little flock,
Your name alone confessing,
Continue in your loving care,

Lutheran Girl Pioneers celebrate 60 years

Lutheran Girl Pioneers will be celebrating its 60th anniversary on October 17 and 18, 2014. The convention theme is "Following the Leader for 60 Years." The celebration will be held at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in La Crosse, Wis. - where it all began 60 years ago.

Requirements for infant baptism

Will a WELS pastor baptize an infant if he/she is going to be raised in a different denomination, one that does not baptize their infants normally?
A WELS pastor can baptize such a person, but the pastor will likely wonder, as I do, why parents would want their child baptized when the church to which they belong denies infant baptism.  . . .

We'll See

Rev. Dan Kramer gives an update about  his church, Peace In Jesus Ministry in Boise, Idaho and and one of the families that are members there. This ministry is devoted to spreading God’s Word to Vietnamese people in the area.

As it happens, this morning was the last Sunday of a special lady’s 6 month visit in Boise.  The lady I am referencing is a Vietnamese Pastor’s wife, here visiting her daughter’s family on a travel visa.  There are not too many Vietnamese P.K.s (pastor’s kids).  I am blessed to have one as a member at Peace...

July 2014 - Humanitarian Aid

One of the first steps in mission work is showing that we care. Demonstrating our love for others often opens the door to the gospel message. And in many places, the best way to show we care is to provide the basics that so many don't have: food, shelter, and water.