On being a
On being a

Explore what it means
to be a Lutheran Christian.

This summer, make time for
This summer, make time for
God and family

With today's hectic schedules,
it's easy to be a "Martha,"
but teach your kids to
be more like Mary.

Coming in September
Coming in September
Interactive Faith

Mark your calendar!
“God’s Grace to Runaways –
The Book of Jonah” will begin
in September.

His Word

Today's Devotion

The way of a fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to advice.

Lutheran Girl Pioneers celebrate 60 years

Lutheran Girl Pioneers will be celebrating its 60th anniversary on October 17 and 18, 2014. The convention theme is "Following the Leader for 60 Years." The celebration will be held at Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church in La Crosse, Wis. - where it all began 60 years ago.

Church attendance and nature

I met a new friend this past weekend. We were discussing church and our faith. He told me his church is outside in the woods and on the water...that is where he is with God. I must admit, when I am outside in God's splendor I feel connected with him too. Please give me some guidance.
There is no question that it is inspiring to see God’s creation.  Being out and about in his world leads us to marvel at his wisdom, power and love.  Creation, in addition to our conscience, is one of the ways through which God reveals himself to all people...

God was smiling

John Holtz serves as a missionary in Malawi, Africa. Holtz writes about the recent graduation of 19 men from the Lutheran Bible Institute (LBI).  The LBI provides preseminary training for men desiring to become pastors in the Lutheran Church of Central Africa.

The devil must be fuming. He couldn’t like what was happening.
Nineteen men have now graduated from the Lutheran Bible Institute, Malawi. Three years of formal classroom studies are behind them.

July 2014 - Inter-Church Relations

We're all connected as a family of believers . . . in our homes, our congregations, our synod. And the connection goes a step further, to include more than two-dozen Lutheran church bodies around the world. They are our brothers and sisters in faith, and we look for ways to build the relationship . . . because they're family.