A Mighty
A Mighty

Get the story behind the
most famous Lutheran hymn.

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Brush up on the

Northwestern Publishing House
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Leaving a legacy of
Leaving a legacy of
Ministry Support

One couple’s story about how
their passion for ministry lived
on after they were called home.

His Word

Today's Devotion

Hymn of the Week - Lord, Keep Us Steadfast in Your Word
(Christian Worship: A Lutheran Hymnal – Hymn 203, verse 1)

Please Open the Door

Read about opening the door to Mormon missionaries to share the true gospel message with them. One pastor tells his story. Read about it on the Truth in Love to Mormons Web site.
I was just putting dinner on the table when the doorbell rang. Sunday evenings are not the usual time for salespeople. The nametags and nice dresses gave them away. They were female Mormon missionaries. Immediately my heart started racing. . . .


After reading "Bible Basics" in the Bible Discovery Series I have a question. The Northern Tribes kept the name Israel, and in 722 BC the Assyrians "transported the people of Israel to other places in their empire". page 39. The Northern Tribes are never heard of again. Why in Christ's time is it that King Herod is called the ruler of Israel?
After King Solomon’s death, Israel split into two kingdoms.  The ten northern tribes became known as Israel and, as you pointed out, the Assyrians deported those tribes.  The two southern tribes (...

ALS Fall Update

Dr. Glen L. Thompson, Academic Dean of Asia Lutheran Seminary(ALS), reflects on God’s blessings for their mission in Hong Kong in the past and their prayers for the future.
Another ALS school year started this past month, and that offers me a time of reflection. Those of you who know me well, know that quiet and reflection are not perhaps my best gifts.  But the Lord has done so many wonderful things here that even I have to “stop” and marvel at it!

October 2014 - Ministry of Christian Giving

One thing that marks us as Christians is that we think long-term. That is, we've considered our eternal future, and we know it's secure in Jesus. But when it comes to our time on this earth, the path forward doesn't always seem so clear. Is your retirement secure? Who'll take care of the children if you're not around? And how can you wisely use the blessings God has given you--in your local church, and beyond. Those are big questions. And there is help.