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Reaching Out
Reaching Out
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WELS Home Missions works to
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A View from the

Discover the great outdoors
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His Word

Today's Devotion

For [Christ] must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. The last enemy to be destroyed is death.

Please Open the Door

Read about opening the door to Mormon missionaries to share the true gospel message with them. One pastor tells his story. Read about it on the Truth in Love Ministry Web site.
I was just putting dinner on the table when the doorbell rang. Sunday evenings are not the usual time for salespeople. The nametags and nice dresses gave them away. They were female Mormon missionaries. Immediately my heart started racing. . . .

Marriage and Racism

I have been in interracial marriage for almost six years. My husband and I are both Christians and love each other very, very much. I have two beautiful stepdaughters as well. My marriage is a blessing and God meant for my husband and I to be together. Yet, my parents and brother have totally disowned my own nuclear family because of their race/ethnicity. . . .
Our pastors preach that God’s will is:  “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:39).  Racism runs contrary to that command.  Our pastors preach that God instituted...

Christians Under Construction

By Martin Spriggs, WELS Chief Technology Officer

I developed a series of Stewardship devotions called Christians Under Construction that could be used in family devotional settings.  Their focus is on how we can best use our Time, Talent and Treasure resources. Check out the devotion series and use them with your family.

November 2014 - New Home Mission Start

New WELS congregations begin with people like you... who see an opportunity. Those needs are communicated to the district mission boards, and our synod. If approved, a new home mission takes flight.