Our history

"As we celebrate [our] past history, we note how the Lord has gathered us together and guided us. We may be a small gathering of believers by the world's standards. Even in comparison with other church bodies, we are small. . . . Yet we share a commitment to be faithful to the Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. God gathered us to work together and blessed the faithful efforts of all those who have gone before us. We remain together to work as brothers and sisters in Christ and to proclaim the wonders of God's grace to all the world" (Together in Christ: A History of the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod, p. 54).


United Rhine Mission Society formed in Germany

German mission society sends John Muehlhaeuser to serve in North America

Muehlhaeuser moves from New York to Wisconsin

First meeting of the new Wisconsin Synod at Granville church with Muehlhaeuser as president

Synod numbers: 17 pastors
16 parish schools
7 Sunday schools
3 teachers

John Bading becomes new synod president

Seminary building dedicated in Watertown
Synod periodical Gemeinde-Blatt appears