1 Peter 3:15

"In your hearts set apart Christ
as Lord. Always be prepared to
give an answer to everyone who
asks you to give the reason
for the hope that you have."


This commission assists congregations to seize opportunities the Lord provides to evangelize lost souls by developing and promoting evangelism resources and by promoting evangelism attitudes, structures, and programs consistent with Christian doctrine.

Evangelism resources for called workers and congregational leaders are available on Connect, WELS' Intranet.

What's New?

The WELS Commission on Evangelism offers evangelism courses through the Martin Luther College continuing education program.

This thirty-minute video tells the story of Jesus' walk with two disciples on the road to Emmaus of Easter Sunday. Jesus proved that he is the world's Savior by fulfilling the scriptures.

Want to share the gospel with someone who doesn't know Jesus? Point them to What About Jesus, a Web site that presents basic belief topics in an easy-to-understand format for those who aren't familiar with God's Word.