Christian Aid and Relief continues to work with the WELS Board for World Missions, our WELS Missionaries, and our sister congregations of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference around the world in funding humanitarian aid projects. Below is a list of current humanitarian aid projects.


Funds have been granted to Nigeria to help organize the distribution of health care for the extremely impoverished people and to help provide humanitarian aid during natural disasters. The ability to offer care and provide humanitarian aid to Nigeria’s unchurched will serve as a bridge for Christ The King Lutheran Church of Nigeria to invite villagers to church to hear the gospel. Funds will also be used to stock a pharmacy that will serve the community. The location will allow for community advertising and the possibility of offering printed outreach materials. The drilling of another two boreholes will also be possible this year. These water systems placed near the church provide opportunities for the pastor and members to reach the un-churched.

Aid granted to Zambia provides for home-based care that bridges the physical and spiritual care for the chronically ill and dying. This allows for compassionate connections between clients and caregivers, as they help those with AIDS, TB, Malaria, and other chronic and terminal illnesses.

Training will also be provided to volunteer facilitators to teach adult literacy classes.

Malawi has been granted funds to drill three boreholes to provide fresh water next to our local churches, which will help outreach efforts of pastors and members to the community. The Central African Medical Mission in Malawi and Zambia also receives funding from Christian Aid and Relief for medical supplies and nutritional supplements for infants.

Funding has been granted to Russia to provide food, clothing, and medicine for the needy. These gifts will allow for the Law-Gospel pamphlets to be distributed and to invite people to Bible instruction classes. This will let the workers’ light shine in the area and grow their reputation of helping those in need.

Aid has also been granted to assist institutions such as hospitals, rehab centers, orphanages, and half-way houses. The government values this work and presence, which is very important as it opens the doors for Bible classes and Christian counseling. Through this ministry, Sunday school lessons are left in public schools and Bible classes for the disabled and orphans are offered.

In Mexico, aid has been granted for the opening of a community center as a means of reaching out to the people of La Joya. Volunteers offer summer courses for children as well as health and other general education classes. Through these efforts, the church is establishing a Christian reputation with the hope of one day building a mission out of the community center.

To provide clean water to the people of Malahual, funding is provided for bio-sand filters and training of community health liaisons to promote healthy families.

Christian Aid and Relief provides food and other health needs for orphanges in Haiti. Through this aid, doors are open provide children spiritual nourishment by teaching them the gospel through our missionaries there. Many of these orphans have received the blessings of Holy Baptism