Christian Aid and Relief continues to work with the WELS Board for World Missions, our WELS Missionaries, and our sister congregations of the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference around the world in funding humanitarian aid projects. Below is a list of current humanitarian aid projects.


Funds have been granted to Nigeria to help in the distribution of health care for the extremely impoverished. The ability to offer care and provide humanitarian aid to Nigeria’s unchurched will serve as a bridge for Christ The King and All Saints Lutheran Churches of Nigeria to invite villagers to church to hear the gospel. Funds will also be used to help offer pharmacy services and health education in rural areas demonstrating the loving care of Lutheran Christians. Funding is also granted to drill a borehole to provide villagers fresh water. This water system will be placed near the pre-seminary/synod office and will bring unchurched villagers to their campus and to the door of a new mission congregation that prayerfully may soon start in this area.

Aid granted to Zambia provides for home-based care that bridges the physical and spiritual care of the chronically ill and dying. This grant will help prepare the Christians in this ministry to help meet the needs of the community through acts of sharing God's gracious gift of salvation as they help those with AIDS, TB, Malaria, and other chronic and terminal illnesses. Funds have also been granted to support a literacy program. A person who is able to read and write is well positioned to do God's work more efficiently, especially where evangelism is concerned. Another funded project involves entrepreneurship training, which promotes economic activities for pastors and their families, who can in turn help both church members and the disadvantaged in their communities. We pray that this will also open doors to share the gospel with people outside the churches. Funding is also provided to drill boreholes to provide villagers clean water and lead to teaching about the life giving water found only in Christ. The Central African Medical Mission in Zambia receives funding for medical supplies and medicines that help support the mission of communicating Christ's love and sharing caring concern for the physical needs of others.

The Central African Medical Mission in Malawi also receives funding from Christian Aid and Relief for medical supplies and nutritional supplements for infants. At the same time, the staff is able to share the good news of salvation to children and family members. Funds are also provided to provide the majority of the cost to replace an older Landcruiser ambulance that is used to provide medical services and gospel outreach in various outlying clinics and an orphan feeding station.