The role of the Congregation and Ministry Support Group (CMSG) is to provide assistance to congregations and schools through their called and lay leaders so that they might carry out gospel ministry in the most faithful way on the local level. CMSG provides this assistance through its individual units that give focused attention to specific areas of congregational life.

Resources that are offered include printed materials, internet resources, "schools" for specialized leadership training, conferences, consultation, continuing education, and ministry networking. Each unit of CMSG works with district coordinators to assess the particular needs of the district parishes and schools and to provide resources to meet those needs.

CMSG works in partnership with the Conference of Presidents, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, and Martin Luther College for efforts at continuing education, professional growth, and pursuit of excellence in ministry.

CMSG is a valuable resource for local congregations, but its work also has a direct impact on synodical priorities (missions and worker training). Strong and healthy congregations are best able with gospel ministry to expand the kingdom and to enable the synod to carry out its ministries. Thus the many CMSG programs and services benefit not only congregations but also the worldwide mission of WELS.

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