Cristo Palabra de Vida (Christ Word of Life) exists to assist congregations and individuals in sharing the gospel message with their Hispanic neighbors in North America. Cristo Palabra de Vida promotes personal evangelism across cultural and linguistic borders as well as develops resources for training and providing personal growth for workers in their local fields.

For over sixty years, WELS has worked among Hispanics in the United States, concentrating in a few specific areas. As the number of Hispanics in the US grows, so does WELS desire to share the Gospel specifically with the Hispanic population. Over 75% of WELS congregations are located in areas of concentrated Hispanic populations. Different approaches can be used to reach the Hispanic demographic in your area.

Established congregations are informed of opportunities and available resources through Hispanic Consultant, Rev. Tim Flunker. Rev. Flunker develops community profiles, creates outreach plans and trains interested individuals. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, community events and “welcome wagons” are examples of relational outreach which can create opportunities to share the Gospel.

Cristo Palabra de Vida also recognizes the need to provide Spanish-speaking called workers in some areas. In 2004, WELS expanded its Hispanic ministry by training leaders through the original WELS Hispanic Latino Outreach and Training program. WELS has gathered students from across the US to serve Spanish-speaking communities. A few of the Spanish-speaking men are enrolled in the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI) to prepare for full time ministry.

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