Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference in Peru

Representatives from at least 20 countries will be attending the eighth triennial Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Conference (CELC) convention May 30-June 2 in Lima, Peru.

The CELC - composed of 24 member churches worldwide - provides a forum for confessional Lutherans who are in fellowship. The convention brings together leaders from these churches for spiritual growth, mutual encouragement, and fellowship. ... Read more ...

Violence in Ukraine touches fellow Lutherans

The meaning of the word “synod” is that we “walk together.”  It underlines the close fellowship that we share with each other in our common faith, our common mission, and our loving concern for one another.  That fellowship extends beyond our own Wisconsin Synod.  It includes believers in Lutheran church bodies around the world that are united with us in a common faith and teaching. ... Read more ...

 Lighthouse Youth Center shines through burglaries

A lighthouse seems to shine the brightest during the darkest nights. So it is for the Garden Homes Lighthouse Youth Center in Milwaukee, Wis., one of two Lighthouse youth ministries operated by Milwaukee-area WELS congregations. The youth center was hit recently with a string of three burglaries over 10 days. Burglars took everything from laptops to televisions to the popcorn maker, and, most destructively, all the copper plumbing. ... Read more ...


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