Come Follow Me, the newest WELS evangelism movie, has sold almost 25,000 copies after being available for only two months. The movie focuses on Peter's tumultuous life as a disciple of Jesus.

A seven- or eight-week Bible study is also available to complement the movie. Rev. Mike Hintz, director of the Commission on Evangelism, is encouraging congregations to use the study beginning in late February and ending on Palm Sunday. Hintz says, “This is a wonderful opportunity for members to grow spiritually in the vital facts of our salvation, and it may also help them be more confident talking to friends and inviting them to Good Friday and Easter Sunday services.”

The Come Follow Me study is designed for flexibility. It can be used with large or small groups or in individual study. Rev. Dave Kehl, the Bible study’s author, notes, “Although it can stand alone, this study is designed to go along with the Come Follow Me movie, using the faith journey of Peter to help those acquainted with Jesus become more closely connected to him and understand what is involved with discipleship—following him in their lives.”

The study is available in English or Spanish as a free download. Congregations can order copies of the movie in bulk for members and prospects for only $2 per copy at Individual copies are available for $14.50 through Northwestern Publishing House at or 800-662-6022.

WELS Commissions on Evangelism and Adult Discipleship; Northwestern Publishing House; WELS Multi-Language Publications; and Boettcher+Trinklein Television, Inc., are collaborating on this series of outreach movies, which are made possible through individual donations and grants. Road to Emmaus was the first film in the series. The third and fourth films will focus on Jesus’ birth and early life and on taking the gospel into the world.

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