April 2015

God invites us all to pray to him, to ask him for whatever we want in Jesus' name.

For the last six months, Forward in Christ has been exploring Jesus' prayer life and how that connects to us. This month we start a related series that further examines what God has to say about prayer in the Bible.

As you think about your prayer life, here are a few more things to add to your prayer list:

• Pray that God blesses the Christian church as it continues the work of proclaiming the gospel message to all people.
• Pray for the Confessional Evangelical Lutheran Church of Pakistan as it reaches out to a country that is less than 1 percent Christian. Also pray for the safety of Christians everywhere, especially in areas of persecution. Pray that God gives them strength and boldness to stay close to their Savior no matter what the circumstances.
• Pray for opportunities to show Christian love to those in your community and the world, always with an eye to pointing more people to Christ's perfect love for all creation.