October 2014

As I was proofreading this month's issue, I was struck by how many times I encountered references to God's plan for our lives:

Pres. Mark Schroeder highlights how seemingly insignificant incidents at the time, like Martin Luther hanging statements on the Castle Church door, can lead to big events . . . events that God guides and uses to make an eternal difference.

In Teen Talk, a high school student shares her uncertainty of what she wants to be when she grows up. This made her nervous and afraid—until she remembered that God has a plan for her future.

Several news stories talk about God's plans for congregations and individuals in the North Atlantic District—plans involving outreach to families in North Carolina through an early childhood ministry and to Asians in New Jersey.

Sometimes God's plan for us isn't what we want or expect . . . at the time. But God uses it to bring us closer to him. Read about God's plan for one husband and wife on.

Finally, don't forget God's master plan for all of us, shown in John 3:16, the most popular Bible verse accessed through Bible Gateway in 2012.