June 2015


This episode of Forward in Christ's Heart to heart: Parent conversations focuses on bullying, overprotective parenting, and discipline. Heart to heart authors Laurie Gauger-Hested, Pastor Jim Aderman, and Ann Jahns are joined by WLCFS-Christian Family Solutions counselor Sarah Reik.




Change is inevitable. Whether it happens to us or through us, one thing is certain—things never stay the same. 

In a new series on sanctification and good works starting this month, Pastor James Borgwardt talks about the biggest change in our lives—how Christ changed us from dead to alive. That change empowers us to continue in our sanctified living as we strive each day to serve God and our neighbors.

Living our sanctified lives can be difficult, especially when it sometimes seems as if Satan and the world are winning. One of our goals with Forward in Christ, as executive editor John Braun shares, is to bring courage, comfort, and strength through God’s Word and Christian witness as you continue on your journey.

An important part of our work with the magazine is maintaining sound Christian doctrine in each issue. To help us with that task, Prof. Dan Leyrer from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary has served as our theological consultant for 13 years. Each month, he faithfully reviewed articles, shared insights, and helped provide clarity—and always with a servant-like attitude. We thank him for his service as we welcome our new consultant, Prof. William Tackmier, next month.