February 2015

What do you read first when you get your issue of Forward in Christ? Is it . . .

- the monthly question and answer, which looks at your religious questions and discusses them in the light of God's Word?

- features on biblical doctrines like the church?

- personal stories from your fellow WELS members overcoming adversities or discovering the true gospel message for the first time?

- news articles sharing what is going on in WELS and its congregations?

- stories from our teens or about our campus ministries?

- editorials that shed God's light on what is happening in the world?

- Bible studies on specific topics like Jesus' prayer life and the Nicene Creed to help you dig deeper in God's Word?

Our goal is to continue printing a good balance of articles that help instruct you in your faith, inspire you for your Christian life, and inform you of what is happening in WELS and the world. How are we doing? Let us know.