Teentalk 03/01/1992


The birds, the sea, the sky, the air;

All these wonders God put there.

He made them all for us to see

And reminds us each he set us free.

He's the one who loves us all

When each day, in sin we fall.

Sar Vitorine

Crystal Lake, Illinois

The sunset

One evening, I went outside to watch the sunset. As I looked out into the pastel sun and colorful sky, I tried to imagine it going on forever. Then I realized it's the same with eternity. Living for eternity with Christ is as endless and beautiful as the sunset.

Joanna Lakas

Charlotte, North Carolina

A student's prayer

As we slowly paddle through life's endless waves,

Darkness may enshroud us.

But the light on the shore shall point out the way.

The light is not spectacular, nor need it be,

Just a light to guide us so our path can well be seen.

In our lives we've seen it through others' actions.

They lived their lives unselfishly, not just for satisfaction.

We too should live our lives like this,

Showing our inward glow,

So those of us who are lost can see the path to go.

Matt Hunt

Winnebago Lutheran Academy, Fond du Lac, Wis.

An athlete's prayer

Dear heavenly Father,

I want to be the very best on the team. I want our team to be the best in the state. Lord, the previous two statements show me that I am a very sinful and selfish person. Please forgive my countless sins and guide me to do what is right in your eyes, oh Lord.

I want to be perfect and do everything right, but more often than not, I fail to reach my goals. Sometimes I even want to curse the court that I play in. Cause me to pray to you instead of using your name in vain. Give me the strength to play to the best of my abilities, which you have given me. Let me show my talents with a humble, meek heart.

Be with my fellow players as well. Help them to do their very best. Motivate us all to be willingly obedient to our coach. Inspire our coach to make good decisions while leading the team. Let us all work together in Christian fellowship. Move us to encourage one another with words of kindness and love.

When we come face to face with competition, don't let anyone get injured. Help the team to follow Christ's example of behavior; let our lights shine to those who don't believe in your saving word.

Most important, remind me that I am only playing a game. Point me to the cross of Christ, because it is the saving gift of eternal life by grace through faith from the Holy Spirit.

Let your gracious will be done.

Becky Averbeck

St. Peter, Fond du Lac, Wis.