The saints are triumphant

Saints Triumphant and Christ the King Sundays—the last two Sundays of the church year—remind us of who we are and who cares for us.

Saints Triumphant and Christ the King mark the last two Sundays of the church calendar. It seems to me the older one gets the more meaningful the message of both Sundays becomes. These Sundays remind us of who we are and who cares for us.

You are a triumphant saint

You're such a saint. Yes, you. Though I doubt churches will be named after you personally, you are a saint. You wear the robe "made . . . white in the blood of the Lamb" (Revelation 7:14). Through faith in Christ and his redemptive work, you possess the righteousness of Christ, which gives you the status of saint.

How often do you feel like a triumphant saint? Young parents feel triumphant when their little one takes a first step. Students feel triumphant when they get a good grade on a test. Homeowners feel triumphant when they conquer the leaky faucet or clogged drain. We all experience our little triumphal moments.

But then there exists the opposite emotions. Do you ever feel downtrodden? Weak? Unsuccessful? Defeated? Of course you do. The sin around us and the sin in us won't allow for much triumph and glory on earth. Because of the sin surrounding us and the sin dwelling in us, without a doubt, there will be suffering and sorrow. As strange as it may sound, this is actually good for us and God's intention for us. Why on earth would we strive and pine for eternal glory if we already had it?

There is only one holy Christian Church. It consists of all the believers in heaven—the saints triumphant. And it consists of all the believers on earth—the militant saints, those still fighting the battles of faith—you. Yet you are confident in the Triumphant One. His victory is yours.

Christ is the king

"Give us a king to lead us" (1 Samuel 8:6). Such was Israel's plea. They were under the illusion that if they only had the right man in the right role, then all the right things would happen. They would be triumphant. The glory years would arrive at last. But alas, as God forewarned and biblical history proved, the Israelites were wrong.

The presidential elections become history. Did your candidate win? Whenever you cast your vote, you hope the one you support will enhance the economy, health care, social security, defense, education, and everything else, and in doing so will make the United States a better place.

We know, however, that officials—whether they are presidents, prime ministers, kings, or czars—cannot bring eternal glory to their country or their people. They might establish beneficial policies, score diplomatic victories, or win impressive military triumphs, but they cannot triumph over the true enemies: sin, death, and the devil.