WELS has launched its first Web site for non-English speakers. The Spanish site is the first in a series of sites that will help WELS reach more people with the gospel.

As Rev. Timothy Flunker, WELS’ Hispanic cross-cultural consultant, notes, “It is important for WELS to continue to grow its resources for Spanish-speakers because more than 75 percent of our WELS congregations exist in areas where there are anywhere from 750 to 1,500 Latinos/Spanish-speakers in a two-mile radius of the church building.”

The site, www.elmensajeroluterano.com, was created through a partnership between WELS Technology Services and WELS Multi-Language Publications.

Rev. Gonzalo Delgadillo, coordinator for Spanish publications at Multi-Language Publications, says, “The basic motivation [in creating this Web site] is to share the gospel with all possible people—in this specific case, in Spanish. The purpose is that all people who visit here may know the name of the Lord—may know that he is God and that there is no other.”

The site includes a page that explains what the Bible and Lutherans teach, a page with answers to commonly asked questions involving the Christian faith, daily devotions, the Spanish-language version of the WELS movie Road to Emmaus, a link to a virtual church that broadcasts weekly Spanish services via Skype, and other resources that share the gospel with Spanish-speakers.

“Every page is translated in English and Spanish,” explains Mrs. Julie Duran, WELS Technology software services director, “because most households contain both languages, where the grandparents or parents may speak and write Spanish and the children may speak Spanish but use English as their primary language. We had to meet the needs of all Spanish-speaking families.”

Duran adds, “This is also a good place to strengthen your second-language skills in English or Spanish. It’s a great way to witness when you know what the page is about in either language.”

Future plans include launching sites in the Japanese and Urdu languages.