The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Ministries (IDDM) Committee, part of the Commission on Special Ministries, will be offering a free nine-week Webinar series titled "Give me a break!" this fall.

Each week, beginning Oct. 2, a different topic about caring for someone with intellectual or developmental disabilities will be explored. The sessions will be held at 9 p.m.

Mr. Jim Esmeier, IDDM coordinator, says, “Many parents of children with special needs are worn down with all the demands of child care. IDDM is pleased to offer help through its Webinar series. The late time slot is in answer to parents advising that 9 p.m. would give them a chance to get the children to bed and allow them to focus on the Webinar.”

The variety of topics will cover maintaining a connection to God, time management, stress reduction methods, marriage, accepting your children, and social support.

The full schedule and topic descriptions are available online.

To register for the free Webinars, send an e-mail to with the Webinar session numbers in which you’d like to participate. The Webinars will be presented on the Internet using Google Hangouts. Register for as many of the sessions as you wish. You will be sent a link for each session you have selected. Each Webinar session in the series will be recorded and available online after it is presented.