WELS Connection Close-up


Amy Brenner was looking for ideas on how to restart a women's group in her Michigan church. She heard Sally Valleskey speak at a WELS women's ministry conference and was inspired. When the women of her church decided to combine its ladies aid and altar guild, she called Valleskey.

"She was great, very easy to talk to, and very encouraging and inspiring," says Brenner. "We talked about three times on the phone. The best advice she gave me was to pray and to be in the Word."

During their sessions, Brenner and Valleskey developed a road map for revitalizing the congregation's women's ministry.

Valleskey offers similar help to congregations across the country as part of the WELS Women's Ministry Committee's Talk on Tuesdays. This program offers women and pastors the opportunity to have open, one-on-one discussions about ways to better minister to WELS women. Through 30-minute phone conversations, Valleskey serves
not only as a sounding board but also an intermediary for ideas to be shared between congregations. In each conversation, Valleskey directs a caller back to her pastor, making sure plans and proposals are in coordination with the existing congregational leadership.

"The majority of conversations have been where women are looking for a venue to toss ideas around, to do some brainstorming," says Valleskey, who is also a women's ministry mentor through the synod's Women's Ministry Committee.

"Sally directed me to resources for Bible studies and also ways in which our ladies can reach out to the community," explains Barbara Bauer, a member of St.
Paul's, New Ulm, Minn. "I would highly recommend Talk on Tuesdays for women interested in forming women's Bible study groups and also for those, such as myself, who have an existing one."

To connect with a women's ministry mentor to discuss the unique strengths and needs of your congregation's women's ministry, e-mail Valleskey at svalleskey@gmail.com.

Kristin Holtz
Learn more about WELS women's ministry at www.wels.net/women. The Women's Ministry Committee serves under Adult Discipleship to assist congregations in nurturing, encouraging, and equipping women to faithfully and fully use their Godgiven gifts to glorify God.