WELS Connection Close-up

“LWMS women are somewhat the ‘silent supporters’ of our mission pastors and their families,” says Rev. Keith Free, administra¬tor of WELS Board for Home Missions. “Through their faithful sharing of cards and care packages, our missionaries know that many are praying for and supporting them.”

The actions of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) may often remain “silent,” but they are so valuable. In addition to sending cards and care packages, the LWMS also collects offerings to support mission projects that are not funded through the WELS budgets for Home and World Missions. Ms. Jeanne Martin, current LWMS president, reports that in the past year local LWMS circuits collected approximately $71,500 in support of Home and World Mission projects.

In addition, Martin says, “In 2013 four of our members traveled to Nepal to teach a Bible class to Nepali women. More than 50 Nepali women walked miles for hours— some, days—to take part in this conference. What a blessing to share God’s Word with these women.”

Since 1964, the mission of the LWMS has remained the same—to serve Jesus by increasing awareness of, interest in, and support of WELS missions. “However,” says Martin, “we now communicate with our missionaries and members via e-mail and Facebook.”

Martin also details another new development for the LWMS—presentations by missionaries using Skype or other digital communication tools. As Martin explains, “It is so expensive and difficult, especially if you are in a remote area, to bring a mission speaker to your rally or even for foreign missionaries to get home for our conven¬tions. Skype has become a valuable solution to this problem.”

In spring 2014, Martin’s circuit had the opportunity to Skype with a missionary family in Russia. Martin notes, “It was a great experience. The Wolfgramms talked to us about their work, and we were able to ask questions of them just as if they were present in the room.”

Whether it’s in person, on paper, or digitally, Rev. Larry M. Schlomer, administrator of WELS Board for World Missions, says, “Knowing that a group like the LWMS is cheering them on with their encouragement, excitement, and prayers can be a real shot in the arm to those on the front lines of our mission work.”