Devotion - December 11, 2012

Devotion - December 11, 2012

Daily devotion from Philippians 1:8.

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I long for all of you with the affection of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:8

The Affection of Christ Jesus

Place yourself in the following scene. Someone in your immediate family has just died. You’ve made all the arrangements. The visitation and funeral are tomorrow. You’re sitting at home. You’re exhausted. You’re numb. Your mind is cloudy. You hear a car door slam outside. You look out the window. And there, coming to your door, is someone who has flown in from the other side of the world. There, coming to your door, is someone you have not been able to see in years. There, coming to your door, is the best friend you’ve ever had in life.

And here’s what you feel. You feel a sob of tenderness and joy. It starts just below your stomach. It rises through your chest and into your throat. And it quietly erupts through your eyes and through your mouth.

The Apostle Paul used a specific word to describe that feeling. In today’s verse, Philippians 1:8, that word is translated, “affection.” But here’s the real surprise. Paul tells us that that is the kind of powerful, deep-seated feeling that Jesus has for you and me.

So often you and I see Jesus only as the unmoving statue in the front of a church, the somber portrait on a wall, the doctrinal point in a Bible class. When that happens, we are failing to appreciate all that he is. In addition, we are robbing ourselves of the comfort and assurance he wants us to have.

When Jesus came to be our Savior, he did not come as some polite professional who was willing to perform the grim task of washing your sins away. He came to be your Brother. He came to be your Friend. And as your Brother and Friend, his affection for you is profound. It’s passionate. It erupts from the deepest places of his being.

That’s how much he loves you. That’s what keeps him by your side. And he’s never going to leave.


Move me, Lord Jesus, to embrace the profound affection that you have for me. Thank you for being my dear Brother and best Friend. Thank you! Amen.

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