My life issues

WELS has developed materials for some of life's biggest challenges and changes, including stories and resources that relate to your life.


Talk about a conversation killer. “So, I’m working on a new article and the topic’s depression.” The small crowd gathered around the party table seemed suddenly ...

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For Women

Sometimes life's frustrations can get the best of us. But we can see God's love in even some of the littlest mispaps. Read how one woman turned a mess into a message.

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Losing everything?

My husband and I came to the difficult decision to relocate our family. We decided to sell some of our belongings and in a moment of stress we even decided to give away our dog.

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My role as a Christian father

It doesn't seem that long since my daugher Sarah entered our lives. I remember so well when I first laid eyes on her. Excitement, fear, thankfulness, and awe churned within me.

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When Dad Dies


Looking back on my childhood years, it is easy to see how God has blessed me through the death of my father. It taught me that life is a precious gift.

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