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August 2011 - Early childhood ministries

Our synod reached a significant milestone this past school year. For the first time, more than 10-thousand children were enrolled in our congregations’ preschools and day cares. The challenge now is to connect their families to the Word through the nearly 400 congregations operating these ministries. Individual churches, and the synod as a whole, are taking steps to do just that.

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August 2013 - World Missions overview

The Bible tells us to proclaim the gospel to every nation, tribe, language and people. Sharing our faith isn’t always easy, but it’s our Great Commission . . . a commission that you’re involved in as part of our synod . . . supporting missions in the U.S. and in more than 20 foreign countries.

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July 2013 - WELS digital communication

If you know history, you know the printing press was invented just before the Reformation. Martin Luther used this new technology like no one before, churning out an enormous number of publications—vigorously spreading the gospel with the cutting edge technology of his day. That tradition continues.

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June 2013 - Home Missions-Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Smaller congregations have a close-knit atmosphere that many find rewarding. Larger congregations have advantages too, like expanded ministries and more opportunities to be involved. This next story brings those two ideas together, at a home mission in South Carolina.

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April 2013 - Prison Ministry

The incarcerated often realize the depth of their sin . . . they’re hurting . . . and they’re open to the message of the Savior. But can a lay person play a role in this kind of outreach? Absolutely. In fact, God has blessed WELS with one of the largest prison ministries in the nation. And the majority of the work is done by volunteers.

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March 2013 - Hmong Ministry

This story actually starts in the Vietnam war . . . When the Hmong people of southeast Asia joined the Americans to fight communism. When the U.S. military withdrew, many Hmong people were left in a vulnerable situation . . . they were persecuted . . . tortured . . . killed. And so over the past few decades the United States has been bringing these refugees to America . . .