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August 2011 - Early childhood ministries

Our synod reached a significant milestone this past school year. For the first time, more than 10-thousand children were enrolled in our congregations’ preschools and day cares. The challenge now is to connect their families to the Word through the nearly 400 congregations operating these ministries. Individual churches, and the synod as a whole, are taking steps to do just that.

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January 2014 - 50 years of mission work in Malawi

The year was 1963 and that was the beginning of our WELS mission in the country now known as Malawi. So what does 50 years of mission work look like? Let’s take a trip to Malawi and join the 50th Anniversary celebration of our largest mission church: the Lutheran Church of Central Africa—Malawi Synod.

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December 2013 - Year in review

As 2013 comes to a close, let’s take a moment to summarize a few of the many blessings God has provided our synod this year.

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November 2013 - WELS Christian Aid and Relief

Christian love. It’s something that faith in Christ produces in the heart of every Christian. But what does it look like on the ground? Today, one answer to that question . . . a story that begins in New York.

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October 2013 - Call Day

Where do pastors come from? Each May, some of our WELS congregations bring requests for a new pastor to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary, where young men present themselves for service after eight to twelve years of study. How does the Lord place a particular graduate in a particular congregation? Let’s hear the story of pastoral candidate Jacob Hoff.

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September 2013 - Synod Convention

Every two years WELS delegates from across the country come together to share ideas and make decisions at our synod convention. Let’s hear about a few items highlighted from the 2013 Synod Convention: plans for Home and World Missions; Bible translation, and the production of “Come Follow Me.”