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Easter Message

WELS President Mark Schroeder shares how Easter gives Christians real joy.

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June 2015 - Role of district presidents

One of the central principles of Lutheranism is that the Bible is the ultimate authority. The purpose of a church body, then, is to help congregations in their ministry and encourage overall unity. One group that's a key to that effort are our 12 district presidents.

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May 2015 - Marriage Enrichment / Interactive Faith

As Christians, we're lifelong learners. There's great joy in coming to a deeper understanding of God's word. Learn about two exciting ways to grow in our faith . . . from WELS Adult Discipleship.

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April 2015 - Home Missions

What's the best way to equip a pastor to start a new home mission? There's seminary training, of course, but actual experience in the field can be invaluable. That's the idea behind an initiative called "Vicar in Missions," which involves a year of practical experience in outreach setting.

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March 2015 - Russia

WELS World missionaries have spent years preaching and teaching in Russia…and now they are helping to prepare a new group to assist in outreach. The WELS Missions initiative called "Daylight in Russia," encourages WELS members to serve in Russia as English teachers while working with the national churches there.

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WELS CEF: Investing in Missions and Ministry

WELS Church Extension Fund (CEF) exists to provide financing for mission-minded endeavors and projects that are under the direction of WELS Board for Home Missions (BHM). WELS CEF helps qualified WELS congregations acquire loans, and grants to purchase land and build, or renovate churches.