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Luis Acosta interview

Luis Acosta talks about multi-cultural ministry in WELS.

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August 2012 - Mapping a future at MLC

For many high school students, deciding on a college and career may seem like an overwhelming task and they don’t know where to go. Many incoming freshman at Martin Luther College aren't quite sure if the full-time ministry is right for them. And that's okay, because Martin Luther College is the perfect place to discover God's direction for your life.

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July 2012 - WELS Campus Ministry

Do you know any young people heading off to college this fall? It’s important that you give their names to our WELS Campus Ministry. It's a way to help them stay connected to God throughout the big changes that college brings.

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June 2012 - WELS Military Services

U.S. military personnel face challenges that the rest of us can't even imagine. When they return, they need to re-establish ties to the community . . . and a church home. That's where WELS Special Ministries' military services committee can help.

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May 2012 - Asian Publications - Japan

It’s been more than a year since a powerful earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan. Yet, in the wake of that tragedy, there is hope. In the midst of grief, hearts are open to learn about our Savior. And by God’s grace we are able to provide materials in Japanese that helps to share the gospel.

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April 2012 - Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is one of WELS fastest growing ministries. See how our educators are preparing to teach these young children.