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November 2010 - Christian giving

November is the month we think about Thanksgiving—not just a holiday, but a way of life. Watch the story of Martin Karst, a barber from Topeka, Kansas, who counts the blessings God has given him—and he expresses his thankfulness with his gifts.  

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June 2013 - Home Missions-Moncks Corner, South Carolina

Smaller congregations have a close-knit atmosphere that many find rewarding. Larger congregations have advantages too, like expanded ministries and more opportunities to be involved. This next story brings those two ideas together, at a home mission in South Carolina.

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Bringing the Word to the World

Examples of how publications and multiple forms of media are being used by Multi-Language Publications to spread God's Word around the world.

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2013 WLS Distribution of Diplomas

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary graduates receive their diploma or conferral of degrees from Pres. Paul Wendland.

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2013 WLS Assignment of Candidates

WELS Pres. Mark Schroeder reads the assignment of candidates to the ministry.

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Coming Up in June WELS Connection

Do you prefer to be a part of a small congregation or a large one? Consider a home mission congregation in South Carolina that brings both types of congregations together.

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August 2011 - Early childhood ministries

Our synod reached a significant milestone this past school year. For the first time, more than 10-thousand children were enrolled in our congregations’ preschools and day cares. The challenge now is to connect their families to the Word through the nearly 400 congregations operating these ministries. Individual churches, and the synod as a whole, are taking steps to do just that.

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July 2011- Martin Luther College missions volunteers

Going door-to-door is a vital part of the outreach strategy of many congregations—especially when you’re a new mission looking to establish yourself in the community. For years, our ministerial education schools have partnered with our home missions and the volunteer organization WELS Kingdom Workers to get the work done. It’s work that pays eternal dividends.

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June 2011- Central Africa Medical Mission

Building bridges to the gospel is a phrase often used to describe our synod’s mission work around the world. Much like Jesus used a woman’s need for water to start a discussion about spiritual matters—so we often use medical care and other humanitarian aid to open the door for outreach.

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May 2011- Church Extension Fund

A look at how Home Missions partners with Church Extension Fund to build worship facilities for mission congregations.

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April 2011 - Worship conference
This July, more than a thousand will gather in Minnesota for the National Conference on Worship, Music, and the Arts. One of this year’s themes is passing the baton of sacred music from one generation to the next. Two attendees are examples of what that theme is all about.