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November 2010 - Christian giving

November is the month we think about Thanksgiving—not just a holiday, but a way of life. Watch the story of Martin Karst, a barber from Topeka, Kansas, who counts the blessings God has given him—and he expresses his thankfulness with his gifts.  

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Your Piece of the Autism Puzzle

An interview with Pastor Tom Gumm.

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WELS Church Extension Fund

Your investment with WELS Church Extension Fund plants the seed to help mission congregations take root in their communities.

Learn how WELS Church Extension Fund (CEF) helps members and congregations.

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Convention Update, Thur Afternoon, August 1

This video is about WELS 62nd Biennial Synod Convention update, Thursday afternoon, 8/1/2013.

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Convention Update, Thur Morning, August 1

WELS 62nd Biennial Synod Convention update, Thurs morning, 8/1/2013.

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Convention Update, Wed Evening, July 31

This video is about WELS 62nd Biennial Synod Convention update, Wednesday evening, 7/31/2013.

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March 2012 - Your neighborhood mission field

Learn how congregations use English-as-a-second-language classes to reach out to local Hispanic communities right here in the United States.

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February 2012 - Rallying our youth for service

WELS will be holding an International Youth Rally this summer. See how one church’s youth group is preparing and why this fellowship opportunity with their peers from around the country is so important.

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January 2012 – Haiti: Two years later

Learn how WELS is reaching out with God’s Word to orphanage directors and children in Haiti two years after a massive earthquake struck the area. Missionary Terry Schultz teaches the directors about Jesus, so they can spread the message of Christ to the children.

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December 2011 - Year in review

2011 is nearly behind us. It’s been an eventful year . . . with natural disasters and political controversies. Despite the turmoil, God’s grace to us as individual Christians, and his blessings to us as a church body remain constant. Our synod president, Rev. Mark Schroeder, reviews those blessings this past year—and how God is using WELS for his purposes through your support.

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November 2011 - Walking Together

Jesus’ final instructions to us as Christians were to go and make disciples of all nations. It’s a mission we as a synod walk together to accomplish. As the opportunities for outreach expand around the globe—so too does the need for workers willing to go. Our ministry training schools are stepping up to meet the need.