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What is the difference between Lutheran and Pentecostal beliefs?


There is not a simple answer to your question because there are many different kinds of Pentecostals. The common denominator is the role of speaking in tongues. Your question is addressed in this book from Northwestern Publishing House.

The Pentecostals And Charismatics

A Confessional Lutheran Evaluation

Series: Impact Series

Author: Arthur J Clement

Speaking in tongues. Healing the sick. Seeing the future. They are all part of the Pentecostal / charismatic movement. The history, teachings, practices, claims, strengths, and weaknesses of this popular phenomenon should be evaluated in the light of God's Word. In this book you will get a better understanding of the history of these groups and the practices that distinguish them from other Christian groups. Pastor Clement also paints a clear image of the ways the tongues movement has departed from Scripture, and he shows the proper theology of the Holy Spirit.

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