Lent by Candlelight is an adaptation of Advent by Candlelight
for the season of Lent, with a focus on the Passion of Christ.

Advent by Candlelight is an event to help women
focus on Christ during the busy holiday season.
Share the message of Christmas!  


These events can be designed as an outreach to the community or an opportunity to encourage believers. Most commonly, women gather for a brief service or program (see below) followed by food and fellowship.  Some groups do all the decorating while others have hostesses who each decorate one table and provide refreshments for those guests.

Flexibility makes this an excellent ministry tool. There are a variety of services which can be adapted to any setting and countless ways to host the event based on the resources available.
Need additional help?  We have hostess guidelines, and bulletin/newsletter articles to help you plan your event.

How do you start? Talk to your pastor! Explain that the purpose of an Advent By Candlelight service is to gather women together around the Word of God in a quiet setting to help them focus on the true meaning of Christmas. Through narration, readings, prayer, music and optional skits, the evening will draw them to see Christ as the Savior. 
Gather a few ladies to help with music, narration, decorating or hosting tables and set a date! Announce the event and invite others with posters, bulletin and newsletter information.
Trust that God will always bless the proclamation of His Word! Enjoy creating a beautiful ambience, but know that the power is in the message of the Gospel!